1. Explore this initiative in detail and share your thoughts

1. Explore this initiative in detail and share your thoughts on the plan.

As an obstetric nurse practitioner, I chose the tweet related to Rethinking Race in Medicine. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists decided to remove the guidelines for treating iron deficiency anemia for the African American population(“Anemia in Pregnancy,” 2021). They state that having such policies promote health inequalities. Untreated anemias in pregnancy can lead to higher needs of blood transfusions and maternal deaths. The actual practice of not treating black women with a lower threshold came from the idea of avoiding overtreatment. In 1990, population-based treatments became more popular, including high blood pressure guidelines. Algorithms are now commonly used as guidance in medical practice (Bottino, 2020). In Canada, the incidence of anemia pregnancy is more than 30%, with several complications associate with this disorder (Malinowski & Murji, 2021).

2. Discuss your thoughts about the Tweet and whether you can support the initiative or not. Be sure to use evidence in support of your position.

In my opinion, treatment should be offered to everyone regardless of their race. Education also needs to be extensive. Many patients are not anemic because of a racial disposition, but because of a lack of a good diet, not taking prenatal vitamins, and not properly caring for themselves. I support the initiative of healthcare providers treating everyone fairly and despise racist choices. Conditions as high blood pressure that are treated depending on the individual’s race, since one DNA might metabolize one medication than others, should not be politicized. Iron deficiency anemia is acquired due to a diet poor in iron-rich foods, heavy menses, short intervals between pregnancies, and gastrointestinal diseases affecting absorption (“Anemia in Pregnancy,” 2021).

3. Within the political climate of government today, does this initiative have any hope of moving forward? Share your position based on the evidence.

We are in a great position to improve this type of guideline. It is ultimately up to the patients to improve their lifestyles and make better choices for themselves. Removing the race from the algorithm will allow everyone to be treated for a specific range of blood results. Once the provider orders Iron supplementation, it is the patient’s responsibility to comply by taking the medication and improving her diet.

4. Compose a Tweet (no more than 140 characters) that adequately addresses your response to the original post and share this Tweet in the discussion

What do lentils, quinoa, peanut butter, and cereals have in common? They are Iron-rich foods. Eating a healthy diet in conjunction with taking your prenatal multivitamins every day will prevent you from becoming anemic. Postpartum Hemorrhage is the number one cause of maternal death in the world. Together we can improve this statistic for a healthy mom, healthy baby. #healthymom #healthybaby.

Danay Sosa


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