525 –assignment (write 2-pages) Crime and Punishment – Caning and

Visit the World Corporal Punishment Research site and look at the material in a few of the links (e.g., what’s new, Legislation). Eventually go to The World Corporal Punishment Research website (link provided in D2L) where you will read an article about judicial caning in Singapore. Write a few paragraphs describing what from the article was new to you regarding this topic and another paragraph in which you provide your opinion about whether caning is a reasonable or desirable sanction for adoption in American jurisdiction.

Although it’s unusual in most American prisons for inmate mothers to have their newborn children with them in prison, it is rather typical in other countries. Open and read the two “Information Packets” provided in D2L titled:

Babies Born to Incarcerated Mothers

Children of Incarcerated Parents

Write a few paragraphs noting the pros and cons of allowing inmate mothers the opportunity to have their newborn babies and toddlers with them in prison.


World Corporal Punishment Research site


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