7210: ASSESSMENT TASK 3 – Critical Analysis Essay

Task Aim:

To enable you to critically analyse the impact of colonisation on contemporary First Peoples’ health outcomes, how this influences trustful and respectful relationships with Australia’s First Peoples and the healthcare system and how this could be addressed in the workplace.

Task Description:

Choose two policy eras discussed in the Respect Capability and write an essay that:

1. Discusses what the key themes are within each of these policies.

2. Critically analyses the contemporary impacts of each of these policies on Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health today.

3. Critically analyses how and why these political and historical determinants of health effect building trustful and respectful relationships in the healthcare setting.

4. Discusses strengths based approaches that a health practitioner could employ to address these effects in the healthcare setting.

Critical Analysis:

This essay seeks to build awareness about policy and its discourse. In doing so, it aims to promote discussion around policy decision-making, policy impacts and potential policy revision. Be mindful that you may find bias in the literature despite it being represented as objective and factual. Underlying assumptions regarding the homogenous grouping of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the maintenance of the dominant ideology and the lack of recognition of the detrimental effects of past reforms and policies contribute to the bias. This in turn has an effect on the health status, relationships and attendance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within various levels of the healthcare setting, perpetuating the cycle of disengagement, poor attendance and poor health outcomes. Your level of critical analysis will be marked using the scale below.

To analyse is to “identify all the components and the relationship between them”. To ‘critically analyse’ is to “provide a level of depth, accuracy, knowledge, questioning, reflection and quality to your analysis (Benner, 1982).

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