8.2Saying Yes to a Subordinate—Emails for Discussion Today, you get


8.2Saying Yes to a Subordinate—Emails for Discussion 

Today, you get this request from a subordinate. You decide to grant the request. The following subject lines and messages are possible responses.  

Subject: Request for Leave  

You know that I’ve been feeling burned out. I’ve decided that I want to take a three-month leave of absence this summer to travel abroad. I’ve got five weeks of vacation time saved up; I would take the rest as unpaid leave. Just guarantee that my job will be waiting when I come back!  

Subject Line A: Request for Leave 

Subject Line B: Your Request for Leave 

Subject Line C: Your Request for Leave Granted 

■How well does each subject line below meet the guidelines in this chapter?■How well does each message below meet the criteria in the checklist for informative and positive messages? 

Message 1 

I highly recommend Italy. Spend a full week in Florence, if you can. Be sure to visit the Brancacci  Chapel—it’s  been  restored  and  the  frescoes  are  breathtaking.  And  I  can  give you the names of some great restaurants. You may never want to come back! 

Message 2: 

As  you  know,  we  are  in  a  very  competitive  position  right  now.  Your  job  is  important  and  there  is  no  one  who  can  easily  replace  you.  However,  because  you  are  a  val-ued employee, I will permit you to take the leave you request, as long as you train a replacement before you leave

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