A financial analysis report for the company of Lenovo and Apple

Your Task and Guideline:

Please using the financial ratios spreadsheet for Lenovo and Apple, which is the excel file (extra materials) that I had provided to you with this order. For this writing assignment, you are required to complete the following PART 1 and PART 2 in different file:

1. (PART 1 – in total 800 words) – save as Microsoft Word file and send it to me. In part 1, please analyze the spreadsheet which called “financial ratios analysis” in the excel file that I had provided to you, and then you need to write the comments on Apple’s profitability, operational efficiency (asset utilization) and risk, in comparison with Lenovo.(300 words) AND -you also need to write and point out any major differences between these two firms (Apple and Lenovo) in these 3 main areas- (1)Profitability, (2)operational efficiency (asset utilization ) and (3) risk, based on the information/figures of the spreadsheet which called “financial ratios analysis” in the excel file that I had uploaded to you as mentioned above. – (300 words) -Moreover, you may use any other supplementary information available from your research on these 2 companies in terms of their business model. – (200 words) Important note: Owing to the professor is serious about the plagiarism, please assure that this paper contains “NO plagiarism”. Therefore, For PART 1, please provide me with all the reference and cite all sources for this paper in the “Microsoft Word file”. Thanks a lot.

2. (PART 2 – in total 800 words)– save as Microsoft Excel file and send it to me. In part 2, please write your analysis and include the following A, B, C in this writing assignment. AND please provide and write your answers to a spreadsheet which called “new worksheet” in the excel file that I had uploaded to you. – A) Please CHECK and WRITE an analysis of the stock prices of these 2 companies (APPLE and LENOVO) over the past 10 years. (For Point A, please provide your supporting data/figures and all the references in a spreadsheet which called “new worksheet” in the excel file that I had uploaded to you) (300 words) -B) Please COMMENT on their variations over the period and CREAT a graphical display with your comment in the spreadsheet of “new worksheet”. (200 words) -C) Please DISCUSS the main reasons for such changes in their stock prices. (300 words)

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