After reading Leadership Development: The Case of Starbucks from the


After reading  Leadership Development: The Case of Starbucks from the end of chapter 12 in the Organizational Behavior textbook, answer the four discussion questions at the end of the case. Review leadership traits, leader behaviors, leader decision making approaches, leadership theories, and leadership styles in the chapter. Reflect on the importance of developing leadership skills. Also, describe the leader-decision making styles and provide an example of each.

Support your arguments with in-text MLA citations. Note: for information on MLA, see the Syllabus & Course Info page.

Before submitting your completed assignment, review the  MGMT2020 Case Study Rubric #1 (.docx),maintained%20with%20every%20CEO%20successor.&text=The%20idea%20of%20planning%20for,is%20openly%20embraced%20at%20Starbucks.

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