Consequentialist approaches to ethical problems are inherently more

Israel, Mark. Research Ethics and Integrity for Social Scientists 2nd ed. Iphofen, Ron. Ethical Decision-Making in Social Research: A Practical Guide Sayer, Andrew. Why things matter to people: social science, values and ethical life. Blackburg, Simon. Being Good: A Short Introduction to Ethics Singer, Peter.

A Companion to Ethics (BJ1012 COM), especially chapters 17, 19, and 21 LaFollette, Hugh, and Persson, Ingmar. The Blackwell Guide to Ethical Theory, 2nd. Edition (especially chapters 10, 11, 12, and 18) Marshall, Sandra E. “Public Bodies, Private Selves” in Almond, Brenda, and Hill, Donald (eds.) Applied Philosophy: Morals and MetaPhysics in Contemporary Debate (chapter 23) These are the sources that you have to use during this assignment.

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