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For the first assignment in this course, you will be asked to analyze a local health organization (for example, a hospital, rehabilitation center, emergency medical center, or nursing home) and complete a series of tasks to determine its value.

One of the ways you will analyze the organization’s value is through a patient survey. Your task is to select a health care organization and create a survey that would be sent out to patients. You will also include information on how the survey will be delivered.

For more information on how to create a patient survey and to see example questions, review Creating an Effective Patient Satisfaction SurveyLinks to an external site.. You may also want to review some of the videos from the LinkedIn Learning course, Using Customer Surveys to Improve Service  

You should submit the following in a Word document:

An outline for the survey you send out that includes each of the questions and response options.

An explanation of how the survey will be distributed and to whom it will be distributed.

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In this assignment, students are required to analyze a local health organization and determine its value. One of the methods they will use for this analysis is by conducting a patient survey. The assignment tasks students with selecting a healthcare organization, creating a patient survey, and outlining how the survey will be distributed. The purpose of this survey is to gather valuable feedback from patients and assess their satisfaction with the healthcare organization.

To create an effective patient survey, it is important to consider the key aspects of patient satisfaction and tailor the questions accordingly. The following is an outline for the patient survey:

1. Demographic Information:
– Age
– Gender
– Ethnicity
– Occupation

2. Accessibility and Waiting Time:
– How would you rate the ease of getting an appointment?
– How long have you typically waited to see a healthcare provider?
– Were you informed about any delays in advance?

3. Care and Treatment:
– Were you treated with respect and dignity during your visit?
– Did the healthcare providers listen to your concerns and answer your questions?
– How would you rate the quality of medical care you received?

4. Communication and Information:
– Were you provided with clear explanations regarding your medical condition and treatment options?
– Did the healthcare providers involve you in making decisions about your care?
– Were you given sufficient information about follow-up care and medication instructions?

5. Facility and Environment:
– How would you rate the cleanliness and comfort of the healthcare facility?
– Were the waiting areas adequately equipped and well-maintained?
– Did you feel safe and secure during your visit?

6. Staff Friendliness and Professionalism:
– Were the staff members welcoming and courteous?
– Did they address you by your name and make you feel valued as a patient?
– Did the staff display professionalism in their interactions with you?

7. Overall Satisfaction:
– How satisfied are you with the healthcare services provided by this organization?
– Would you recommend this healthcare organization to others?

Explanation of Survey Distribution:
The survey will be distributed to a representative sample of patients who have recently visited the healthcare organization. A systematic approach will be used to ensure random selection of patients, taking into account factors such as age, gender, and the specific services they received. The survey will be administered through both online and printed formats to accommodate patients who may have varying preferences for survey completion. Online surveys will be distributed via email with a unique link, while printed surveys will be given to patients upon check-out or mailed to their provided address with a return envelope. The distribution process will be conducted in a manner that maintains patient confidentiality and maximizes response rates.

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