***Develop a Lesson Plan*** This assignment requires an education plan to roll out the DPI project, Implementing the ABCDE bundle in a long-term acute care hospital. Develop a lesson plan only Pre-as Nursing Assignment Help

***Develop a Lesson Plan***

This assignment requires an education plan to roll out the DPI project, Implementing the ABCDE bundle in a long-term acute care hospital. 

Develop a lesson plan only

Pre-assessment – to assess baseline knowledge of bundle elements


Materials needed ( powerpoint presentation , hand outs, ) you do not have to a PowerPoint or develop a handout!!!

Lesson activity – here discuss in-services  both shift day/night 15min long describing bundle elements MWF S/S 

Include estimated time for the lesson – make notation its a requirement  to attend an in-service 

post-assessment – after teaching ( 10 questions ) 

Bundle powerpoint presentation to all staff members ( you do not have to do a ppt).

INclude any references in APA format 

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Developing a lesson plan is crucial for effectively delivering educational content to medical college students. In this assignment, we will focus on creating a lesson plan for rolling out the DPI project, which involves implementing the ABCDE bundle in a long-term acute care hospital. The lesson plan will include pre-assessment, objectives, materials needed, lesson activities, estimated time, post-assessment, and references in APA format.


To assess the baseline knowledge of the bundle elements, a pre-assessment will be administered to the students. This pre-assessment will help gauge their understanding of the ABCDE bundle and identify any knowledge gaps that need to be addressed during the lesson.


The objective of this lesson is to educate the students about the ABCDE bundle and its implementation in a long-term acute care hospital setting. By the end of the lesson, students should have a comprehensive understanding of the bundle elements and their significance in improving patient outcomes.

Materials needed:

1. PowerPoint presentation: Prepare a concise and visually appealing presentation that highlights the key components of the ABCDE bundle. Use appropriate visuals, charts, and diagrams to enhance understanding.

2. Handouts: Provide printed handouts summarizing the bundle elements, their rationale, and their impact on patient care. These handouts will serve as quick references for the students during and after the lesson.

Lesson activity:

Conduct in-services for both day and night shifts, each lasting approximately 15 minutes. During these in-services, describe the bundle elements in detail, emphasizing the MWF (monitoring, wakefulness, and delirium-free) and S/S (spontaneous breathing trial and sedation assessment) components.

Ensure active participation by encouraging questions and fostering discussions among the students. Utilize case studies and real-life scenarios to illustrate the application of the ABCDE bundle in clinical practice.

Estimated time for the lesson:

The total duration of the lesson, including the pre-assessment, in-services, and post-assessment, is estimated to be one hour. It is mandatory for all students to attend the in-services.


After the teaching session, administer a post-assessment consisting of ten questions to evaluate the students’ comprehension of the ABCDE bundle. This assessment will enable us to measure the effectiveness of the lesson and identify areas that may require further reinforcement.

Bundle PowerPoint presentation to all staff members:

Disseminate the PowerPoint presentation to all staff members involved in the implementation of the ABCDE bundle. This will ensure that the entire healthcare team is aligned with the concepts and strategies discussed in the lesson, fostering a collaborative approach to patient care.

References (APA format):

Include all references used in developing the lesson plan in APA format. This will ensure proper citation and acknowledgment of the sources consulted during the preparation of the educational material.

Note: The specific details, such as the content of the PowerPoint presentation and in-service discussions, would need to be developed based on the actual requirements and resources available.

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