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For this assignment you will used textbook Ethics in Health Care: A practical approach for decision makers (3rdEd). Burlington, MA: Jones & Barlett by Morrison, E. E. Chapter 7, “Community Responsibility and Ethics”, page 137-162, and Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Manager, Chapter 3, “Professionalism,” 32-48 and Chapter 4 “Stewardship,” pages 51-65.

Use the internet resources:

oJoint Commission (2016). 

§Explore the site.

oNorthwell Health. (2014). Healthy patients, healthy populations, healthy planet [PDF].

Forman-Ortiz, L. (2013). Top 10 corporate social responsibility initiatives

As an adult learner, it can be a challenge to find time at the end of each unit to fully reflect on what you studied, wrote, and discussed in that unit. A Course Reflection Journal is integrated directly into each unit of this course to support you in doing just that. Each week, you will reflect back on your most valuable unit takeaways, and record your reflections in an interactive Course Reflection Journal:

Course Reflection Journal

Discuss      the most valuable learning experience(s) related to the unit/discussion.      (This might include facts, concepts, insights or ideas derived from their      course content, outside research, your professor, your peers or      professionals in the field of ER Administrator, tell what stood out to you      and give example.

Discuss and examples (s) of knowledge, awareness, or skills      you gained from this unit that might be applicable to your current career      as ER Administrator

Discuss      ideas, material, research, and topics etc., you did not have time to fully      investigate but would like to revisit in the future. Consider storing your      links in RefWorks for future access future.

Create      a list of resources for future reference and use in your courses and/or      career (ER Administrator). This might include articles, authors, Web      sites, professional organizations, research studies, publications, and so      on. Add annotation to each reference

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In this assignment, we will reflect on the valuable learning experiences related to the unit/discussion on community responsibility and ethics in healthcare. We will also discuss the knowledge, awareness, or skills gained from this unit that might be applicable to your current career as an ER Administrator. Additionally, we will explore ideas, material, research, and topics that were not fully investigated but would like to revisit in the future. Finally, we will create a list of resources for future reference and use in your courses and/or career as an ER Administrator.


1. Valuable learning experiences related to the unit/discussion:
– One valuable learning experience from this unit was understanding the concept of community responsibility in healthcare. The unit highlighted the importance of healthcare institutions and professionals taking an active role in addressing the health needs of the community they serve. For example, I learned about the Joint Commission, an organization that sets standards and provides accreditation for healthcare organizations. Exploring their website helped me understand the various initiatives taken by healthcare institutions to meet community needs and enhance patient outcomes.
– Another valuable learning experience was gaining insights into the ethical responsibilities of healthcare professionals towards the community. The unit emphasized the need for healthcare professionals to prioritize the well-being of the community and actively engage in activities that promote public health. The report “Healthy patients, healthy populations, healthy planet” by Northwell Health provided valuable information on population health management strategies and the role of healthcare organizations in improving the health of communities.

2. Knowledge, awareness, or skills applicable to the current career as an ER Administrator:
– Through this unit, I gained knowledge of the ethical principles and guidelines that healthcare professionals should adhere to in their practice. This knowledge can be directly applied to my role as an ER Administrator by ensuring that ethical considerations are integrated into decision-making processes and patient care within the emergency department. It has enhanced my awareness of the importance of promoting patient safety, dignity, and respect.
– This unit also highlighted the significance of stewardship in healthcare. Understanding the principles of stewardship, as discussed in the chapter “Stewardship” in Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Manager, has equipped me with the knowledge to effectively manage resources within the emergency department. This includes ensuring responsible utilization of healthcare resources, promoting cost-effectiveness, and considering environmental sustainability in healthcare practices.

3. Ideas, material, research, and topics to revisit in the future:
– One topic that I would like to revisit in the future is the assessment and measurement of the impact of community responsibility initiatives in healthcare. While the unit provided an overview of various initiatives, I believe further exploration of research studies and publications in this area would deepen my understanding of how these initiatives can effectively address community health needs.
– Additionally, I would like to further investigate the role of technology and innovation in promoting community responsibility in healthcare. As technology continues to advance, exploring its potential applications in addressing public health challenges and improving healthcare outcomes would be valuable for my career as an ER Administrator.

4. List of resources for future reference and use in courses and/or career as an ER Administrator:
– Joint Commission (accessed from This website provides valuable resources on quality and safety standards in healthcare, including guidelines for community engagement and improvement.
– “Healthy patients, healthy populations, healthy planet” report by Northwell Health (accessed from This report offers insights into population health management strategies and the role of healthcare organizations in promoting community health.
– “Top 10 corporate social responsibility initiatives” article by Forman-Ortiz (accessed from This article provides examples of corporate social responsibility initiatives in healthcare, which can inspire innovative approaches to community responsibility in my career.
– Additional articles and research studies related to community responsibility in healthcare, ethical principles, and stewardship, which can be accessed through online databases and academic journals.

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