Exegetical #1 : Luke 7:36-50 (NOAB)

 Exegetical Assignment #1: Assigned biblical passage: Luke 7:36-50. Read your assigned passage closely using the literary methodology of narrative criticism. Review the “Narrative Criticism” article by Mark Allan PowellPreview the document to help you study the passage using narrative criticism. Based on your readings, complete the following document: Literary Elements ChartPreview the document (download attachment). Fill in as many of the literary elements you can find. You might leave some categories blank; this is not a concern as not every text will include every literary element. Fill in as many as you can find. The goal here is to bombard the text with any and all questions you can think of. Everything depends on how intently you read. In short, the better your questions, the better your research, and by extension, the better your final exegetical paper will be. NOTE: It is imperative that you do not use commentaries at this point. They will only serve to short-circuit your exegesis and rob you of the joy of discovery. If you let them do the thinking for you, you have not actually performed exegesis. Instead, you have provided a catalog of what others have said.

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