Feasibility Study of SF6 alternatives focusing on HFO gases (HFO1234yf

 You can compare these two HFO gases to SF6. You do the comparison in terms of dielectric strength (electrical properties), GWP, ODP, cost, thermal conductivity (thermal properties for circuit breaker application), gas stability, toxicity, flammability (ideas to get started). 1. Introduction 2. Literature Review of previous work on SF6 alternatives – mention other alternatives without going into details for HFO (Literature Review). Sub section of HFO usage in other applications outside the power industry. 3. Methodology – how to properly assess alternative gases (what criteria do you use?) e.g. low global warming potential 4. HFO gases vs SF6 (environmental, electrical, thermal, operational properties) 5. What are technical challenges of adopting HFO as an alternative to SF6 6. Conclusion and recommendations

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