For an organisation of your choice (a product or service provider is

Your audit should contain the following:

1.A situational analysis including organisational goals, context and competitor activity.

2.A review of the internal strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.

3.The establishment of marketing objectives that support the organisational goals set out in section 1.

4.The development of outline marketing activities (4Ps or 7Ps) including a planning timetable to support the objectives set in section 3. 5.A conclusion outlining the benefits to the organisation that will result from the implementation of the marketing activity contained in the audit. Your response should be in the form of a written report between 1,500 and 2,000 words.

The learning outcomes for this assignment are: •Understand the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning •Describe how the marketing environment affects a firm’s strategy •Describe the role of marketing within service firms •Analyse the marketing mix Turnitin Originality Check Before submitting your assignment, it is important to check the originality of your work by submitting your assignment to Turnitin. By submitting your assignment to this tool you will receive an originality report which can be used to check that you have not included other authors work without correct citation. It is important to note that submitting your work to the Turnitin Originality Check tool does not count as a submission of your final work. You must still submit your assignment below

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