For this final assignment, submit the completed PR plan as

For this final assignment, submit the completed PR plan as a Powerpoint presentation as if you were sending to your CEO for review.

The company is an Entertainment company from San Diego, CA and the nem is JV Entertainment. The company brings international artists (band or singers) and is responsible to produce the event. 

Include key areas such as:

  • Company Mission
  • PR Objective – specifically, what are your main PR objectives for 2021?  
  • Key Publics / Audiences – who are your key audiences?  don’t forget your internal public, and that they internal public may need to be broken down into subgroups!
  • Messaging:  Describe how you will effectively message each public and build strong relationships. 
  • Implementation Plan / Budget::  Who is on your PR team?  Include a timeline, how you will “pitch” and the primary channels you will focus on.
  • Social Media Policy: Include a slide breaking down your social media policy  / employee relations
  • Crisis Management Plan: Explain your crisis management plan, feel free to reference a model of influencing public opinion
  • Evaluation / Measurement:  Explain how you will measure success, collect feedback and evaluate the success of your PR plan!

The PR plan must be 8 slides minimum, 10 maximum and submitted as a powerpoint presentation.  Feel free to add graphics, and avoid making the slides too text heavy.

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