Fraud Case Presentation: Rita Crundwell and Financial Fraud

Your presentation should be no more than about 7-8 slides long, plus a list of references on the last slide. I expect you to be able to narrate the case, not read verbatim from the slides. After all, you would not read a real elevator pitch.

Your presentation should be reasonable in length but should not last more than about 6-7 minutes, in order to allow time for questions. Excessively long presentations may be penalized points.



1) The Fraud Case Presentation is worth a total of 100 points. Your discussion MUST include the following five (5) elements, which will be deducted from your grade if they are not addressed: 

(a) Sufficient description of the nature of the crime: 10 points

(b) Key individuals/parties involved, and where they fit in the scheme: 10 points

(c) How the crime was discovered: 10 points

(d) The adjudication/disposition of the case: 10 points

(e) Your brief personal assessment/editorial of the case (not just “I thought this was a good case”): 10 points

Consideration will also be given to how much your pitch generates interest (i.e., follow up questions) about your case. 

2) The case MUST have been fully adjudicated, (e.g., the perpetrators have already been convicted and sentenced). 

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