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Using the health care law or policy you researched for this week’s  learning activity, create a proposal or presentation for continued  funding of a related program.


CONVINCE  each group that continued funding is essential to the wellbeing of its recipients.

ADDRESS  the following in each proposal:

  • The party platform principles
  • How the program advances the party agenda
  • Program data related to target population outcomes 

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In order to effectively convince both liberal and conservative groups about the importance of continued funding for a healthcare program, it is necessary to understand the viewpoints and values of each group. By addressing the party platform principles and how the program aligns with their agenda, as well as presenting program data related to target population outcomes, it is possible to make a persuasive case for continued funding. Here are two separate proposals, one addressing liberal viewpoints and another addressing conservative viewpoints, to convince each group of the essential nature of the program’s funding.

Proposal 1: Liberal Viewpoints

Party Platform Principles:
The liberal party values equitable access to healthcare for all individuals and believes in the government’s role in providing comprehensive healthcare services. They promote policies that prioritize affordable healthcare, address health disparities, and focus on preventive care.

How the Program Advances the Party Agenda:
Our proposed healthcare program focuses on providing comprehensive, affordable healthcare services to an underserved population. By ensuring access to primary care, preventive services, and necessary treatments, we align with the liberal party’s goal of addressing health disparities and improving overall health outcomes for all individuals. This program promotes social justice and equal access to healthcare, which are core principles of the liberal party.

Program Data related to Target Population Outcomes:
Through this program, we have successfully provided healthcare services to a target population with limited access to affordable care. The data shows a significant improvement in health outcomes, such as reduced hospital admissions, decreased emergency room visits, and improved management of chronic conditions. By addressing the specific healthcare needs of this population, we are able to enhance their overall well-being and contribute to a healthier society.

In conclusion, this program is in line with liberal viewpoints as it promotes equitable access to healthcare, focuses on preventive care, and addresses health disparities. The program’s success in improving target population outcomes demonstrates its effectiveness in achieving the liberal party’s principles of affordable and comprehensive healthcare for all individuals.

Proposal 2: Conservative Viewpoints

Party Platform Principles:
Conservatives believe in limited government intervention and emphasize individual responsibility and choice in healthcare. They support free-market principles, promoting competition and reducing government regulations in the healthcare sector. Personal freedoms, fiscal responsibility, and market-driven solutions are key principles.

How the Program Advances the Party Agenda:
Our proposed healthcare program aligns with conservative principles by incorporating market-driven solutions. The program encourages competition among healthcare providers, fostering innovation, and reducing costs. By providing individuals with more choices and empowering them to make informed decisions about their healthcare, we enhance personal freedoms and promote individual responsibility in healthcare decision-making. Moreover, the program’s emphasis on preventive care and early intervention aligns with conservative values of cost-effective and proactive healthcare management.

Program Data related to Target Population Outcomes:
The program has successfully demonstrated cost savings by reducing unnecessary hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and expensive treatments. By focusing on preventive care and early intervention, we can effectively manage chronic conditions and decrease healthcare costs in the long run. The program data shows improved health outcomes for the target population, including better disease management, decreased reliance on acute care services, and increased patient satisfaction. These outcomes align with conservative principles of fiscal responsibility and market-driven solutions.

In conclusion, this healthcare program addresses conservative viewpoints by promoting individual responsibility, choice, and market-driven solutions. The program’s cost savings, focus on preventive care, and improved target population outcomes are key factors in ensuring efficient, effective, and fiscally responsible healthcare. Continued funding for this program is crucial to advancing conservative principles and achieving sustainable healthcare solutions.

Overall, by tailoring proposals to address the specific party platform principles, explaining how the program aligns with the party agenda, and presenting data related to target population outcomes, we can convince both liberal and conservative groups of the essential nature of continued funding for the healthcare program.

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