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In this discussions use your textbook Ethics in Health Administration: Read Chapter 12, “Patient Issues and Ethics,” p. 261–285, And in your Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers text to read the following: Chapter 5, “Professional Codes of Ethics and Ethical Principles,” p. 70–84, and Chapter 6,”Ethical Framework, p. 85–104.

Use the Internet Resources to explore the following resources:

-Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions. (n.d.). Ethics code collection.

-American College of Healthcare Executives, (2011). ACHE code of ethics.

-American College of Health Care Administrators, (2016).

1. Comparing Health Care Codes of Ethics- 

Review your studies to identify the code of ethics most relevant to your current or future health care managerial career (and your clinical code of ethics if you are bicodal). Visit the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions Ethics Codes Collection to review examples of codes that guide staff under your management. List examples you identified. Choose one specific ethical principle, listed on page 76 of your Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers text, and explain how the same principle is uniquely addressed in two different codes of ethics.

Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Justice, Loyalty, Beneficence, Autonomy, Honor

2. Mini Case Study Evaluation– Post must be 300-800 words

The influence of the aging baby boomers on the long-term care industry is formidable. Leaders in the management of long-term care facilities abide by a specific code of ethics through The American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA). In this discussion you will be exploring this aspect of ethical management in health care.

Review the mini case study, The Dining Rooms at the Legacy, in your Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers text (pages 80–82). Provide detailed responses to the three mini case study questions:

-Explain how the Legacy’s mission was followed when Mrs. Williams engaged Amy, the care planning team, and Mrs. Hightower in the process of transferring Mrs. Hightower from the Magnolia to the Azalea dining room.

-Discuss at least two ethical principles that related to this case. Consider, for example, how autonomy and respect may have influenced the actions taken. (Refer to your personal resource list from Units 1 and 2.)

-Do you think Mrs. Williams followed the ACHCA code? Explain why or why not.

  • Ethics and Patient-Centered Care 

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As a medical professor, I am responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating the performance of medical college students. In this content, we will be discussing two separate questions related to health care ethics. The first question focuses on comparing health care codes of ethics, while the second question involves analyzing a mini case study on ethical management in the long-term care industry. Let’s proceed to answer each question individually.

Answer to question 1:

In reviewing various codes of ethics relevant to health care managerial careers, we find several examples that guide staff under their management. Some examples include the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) code of ethics and the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) code of ethics.

To illustrate how a specific ethical principle is uniquely addressed in two different codes of ethics, let’s consider the principle of autonomy. Both the ACHE code of ethics and the ACHCA code of ethics emphasize the importance of patient autonomy. However, they approach this principle from different perspectives.

The ACHE code of ethics, in its Principle VI: Autonomy, states that healthcare executives should respect the rights of patients to make their own decisions regarding their care. This includes promoting patient engagement, informed consent, and the right to refuse treatment. By outlining these specific actions, the ACHE code of ethics provides a practical framework for healthcare executives to adhere to the principle of autonomy.

On the other hand, the ACHCA code of ethics integrates the principle of autonomy within its broader principle of respect. The code emphasizes respecting the rights and dignity of individuals, including residents, families, and employees. By fostering a culture of respect, the ACHCA code indirectly addresses the importance of autonomy in decision-making processes.

In conclusion, while both the ACHE and ACHCA codes of ethics acknowledge the principle of autonomy, they do so from different angles. The ACHE code provides explicit guidance on promoting patient autonomy, while the ACHCA code prioritizes creating a respectful environment that inherently supports autonomy.

Answer to question 2:

The mini case study “The Dining Rooms at the Legacy” explores the ethical considerations in the management of long-term care facilities, as guided by the ACHCA code of ethics.

In following the Legacy’s mission, Mrs. Williams engaged various stakeholders, including Amy, the care planning team, and Mrs. Hightower, in the process of transferring Mrs. Hightower from the Magnolia to the Azalea dining room. By involving these individuals, Mrs. Williams ensured that the decision-making process was collaborative and aligned with the organization’s mission. This approach showcased the commitment to person-centered care and the importance of involving all relevant parties in decision-making processes.

Two ethical principles that relate to this case are autonomy and respect. Autonomy refers to an individual’s right to make decisions regarding their care. In this case, Mrs. Williams respected Mrs. Hightower’s autonomy by involving her in the decision-making process. Additionally, respect played a significant role as Mrs. Williams considered the preferences and needs of Mrs. Hightower, Amy, and the care planning team throughout the transfer process. These ethical principles served as guiding principles in ensuring that the actions were aligned with ethical standards.

Regarding whether Mrs. Williams followed the ACHCA code of ethics, it can be argued that she did. The ACHCA code emphasizes the importance of providing resident-centered care, promoting ethical leadership, and establishing collaborative relationships. Mrs. Williams demonstrated adherence to these principles by involving all relevant parties in the decision-making process and considering their perspectives. Additionally, she addressed the ethical concerns related to autonomy and respect.

In conclusion, Mrs. Williams followed the ACHCA code of ethics by prioritizing person-centered care, involving stakeholders, and considering ethical principles such as autonomy and respect throughout the process.

Note: The answers provided above are general examples and may not be fully comprehensive. The specific details and analysis may vary based on the textbook and resources used by the medical professor.

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