Homework #1 – EVSP330 – Fish and Wildlife Policies, Programs,


Homework #1 – EVSP330 – Fish and Wildlife Policies, Programs, and Issues

Please respond to each question below. Cited sources, including textbook references ARE REQUIRED.

Question 1. Summarize management of fisheries by the FCMA in the 1970s.


Question 2. Describe three specific attitudes towards wildlife management as defined by Kellert (1984) that best describe yourself. How have your attitudes changed over time? (25 points)


Question 3. Describe the history and philosophy of fisheries and wildlife use in the United States prior to the 1970s. (25 points)


Question 4. Explain what is meant by the terms “growth overfishing,” “recruitment overfishing” and “by-catch.” (25 points)


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