If you were a veteran of the U.S. Civil War,


If you were a veteran of the U.S. Civil War, you might have returned home injured, unable to work, and traumatized by what you had seen. As noted in your text, you would have survived a mortality rate of 43%–52% but would nevertheless be in economic and perhaps physical distress. What assistance would be available to you, and would that assistance be the same if you were a Union or Confederate veteran?

For this Discussion, you analyze the aid options for veterans after the U.S. Civil War and consider whether they align with the idea of social justice and with contemporary options and attitudes.

  • Identify and describe two programs and/or policies developed after the U.S. Civil War for veterans.
  • Describe the populations served by these programs and/or policies.
  • Determine if these programs and/or policies promoted social justice, and explain why or why not.
  • Compare the programs you identified to contemporary programs or policies or to current attitudes about veteran welfare.




 Moore, W. (2014, January). Wes Moore: How to talk to veterans about the war Links to an external site.[Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.ted.com/talks/wes_moore_how_to_talk_to_veterans_about_the_war 

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