LeBron James Media analysis

Description Select a controversial incident from a list provided – see below You will answer the following: a) What happened in the incident? b) How are the protagonists in the incident described? c) How are different sides of the story presented in different media? d) Why are there different sides presented in different media? e) Relate the incident and the way it is told to sociological concepts and/or trends in sport history. The events you can choose from for part B are: – Migrant workers building the Qatar 2022 – Athlete activism: Colin Kaepernick takes a knee – Maria Sharapova’s return after a drugs ban – Serena Williams and the 2018 US Open final – Mesut Özil and the German national team at Russia 2018 – Lebron James’ funding of a school Criteria by which you will be assessed knowledge and Understanding: Describe an incident from sport history. Explain key concepts from historical and social analysis of sport and physical activity that relate to the incident. Interpretation and Evaluation: Apply key concepts from historical and social analysis to explaining the incident. Analyse how and why different media present different stories. Presentation and Referencing: Use Harvard UoB style references for all cited sources. Use an appropriate standard of grammar, spelling and syntax. Research: Draw from appropriate media sources as the basis for the analysis and academic texts in support to explain historical and contemporary issues.

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