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Task summary: a professional identity paper.

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“The reason why I chose nursing is because growing up I was a very sick child and I spent half of my life in hospitals Until today, I remember who made a difference and that’s what I always wanted to do, make a difference in someone’s life”

1. Create a student title page according to student guidelines.

2. In about one paragraph, write your paper’s introduction according to 7th edition guidelines.

o The introduction will start with general background about your paper’s topic and end with your thesis statement which explains to the reader what to expect in the rest of the paper.

o  For the purposes of this paper, using the first person is acceptable.

3. In one paragraph, describe your reason of why you chose the nursing profession.

4. In two paragraphs, describe your personal philosophy of nursing.

o State your personal philosophy of nursing.

o Discuss how your values and beliefs guide your conduct as a nurse and form your professional identity.

o Identify at least two professional strengths and opportunities for growth. 

Strengths and opportunities could derive from. but are not limited to, emotional intelligence, ethical principles, moral courage, clinical/professional competence, confidence, communication, conflict management, etc.

5. In two paragraphs, describe your Transition to the Baccalaureate Role.o Using the components from Bridges Model of Transition:

  • Describe where you are now in your transition.
  • Discuss how the model can continue to guide your transition.

Expert Solution Preview

The nursing profession holds a significant place in the healthcare sector, as nurses play a crucial role in providing compassionate care and making a positive impact on patients’ lives. This paper aims to explore the personal philosophy of nursing, the reasons behind choosing the nursing profession, and the transition to the baccalaureate role. By examining these aspects, it becomes evident how values, beliefs, and professional identity shape a nurse’s conduct and contribute to their overall growth and development.

1. Student Title Page:
In accordance with the student guidelines, please refer to the provided template for the creation of the student title page. Include the necessary details such as the student’s name, course name, due date, and any other specific requirements mentioned.

2. Introduction:
The introduction of the paper should begin with a general background about the nursing profession and its significance in healthcare. It should provide context and set the stage for the subsequent discussions. The introduction should also include a thesis statement that outlines the main points to be covered in the paper. Following the 7th edition guidelines, the introduction can be written in the first person.

Example introduction:
The nursing profession is an essential pillar of the healthcare system, with nurses acting as crucial caregivers who make a profound impact on patients’ lives. This paper explores my personal philosophy of nursing, the reasons behind my choice to pursue a career in nursing, and the transition I am currently undergoing as a baccalaureate nursing student. By examining these aspects, this paper aims to highlight the values, beliefs, and professional identity that shape my conduct as a nurse and foster my growth and development in this noble profession.

3. Reasons for Choosing the Nursing Profession:
In one paragraph, describe your reason for choosing the nursing profession. Reflect on personal experiences, motivations, or inspirations that led to this decision.

Example paragraph:
My decision to embark on a career in nursing stems from my experiences as a sick child who spent a significant portion of my life in hospitals. Throughout those difficult times, certain individuals made a profound difference in my life by providing compassionate care and genuine support. Witnessing their impact firsthand ignited a strong desire within me to replicate that difference in someone else’s life. I chose nursing because I wanted to be a source of comfort, care, and healing for those facing health challenges, just as others had been for me.

4. Personal Philosophy of Nursing:
In two paragraphs, describe your personal philosophy of nursing. Begin by stating your personal philosophy and then delve into how your values and beliefs guide your conduct as a nurse, forming your professional identity. Additionally, identify at least two professional strengths and opportunities for growth, considering factors such as emotional intelligence, ethical principles, moral courage, clinical/professional competence, confidence, communication, and conflict management.

Example paragraphs:
My personal philosophy of nursing centers around the belief that every individual deserves compassionate, holistic care that promotes their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I view nursing as a collaborative and patient-centered profession, where the healing process encompasses not only medical interventions but also the establishment of therapeutic relationships built on trust, empathy, and respect. By embracing the values of empathy, advocacy, and lifelong learning, I strive to deliver culturally sensitive care that addresses the unique needs and preferences of each patient.

Two professional strengths that I currently possess are effective communication and emotional intelligence. These strengths enable me to establish meaningful connections with patients, actively listen to their concerns, and effectively convey information to them, thus fostering a sense of trust and collaboration. However, I recognize that opportunities for growth lie in further developing my clinical/professional competence and moral courage. Enhancing my clinical skills and knowledge will allow me to provide evidence-based and high-quality care, while developing moral courage will empower me to advocate for patients’ rights and make difficult decisions when necessary.

5. Transition to the Baccalaureate Role:
In two paragraphs, describe your current stage in the transition to the baccalaureate role. Discuss how the Bridges Model of Transition can continue to guide your transition process.

Example paragraphs:
Currently, I find myself in the early stages of the transition to the baccalaureate role. I am engaged in the process of acquiring the knowledge and skills required to excel as a professional nurse. The transition involves adapting to the rigorous academic and clinical demands, developing critical thinking abilities, and embracing the professional values and standards that govern nursing practice. As I navigate this phase, I continuously seek opportunities to integrate theory into practice and foster a deep understanding of nursing concepts. The Bridges Model of Transition serves as a valuable guiding framework, allowing me to recognize the challenges associated with this phase and providing strategies to navigate through them successfully. Utilizing this model, I can identify and address any psychological, emotional, or professional factors that hinder my transition, ultimately enabling me to develop the necessary competencies and confidence as I progress toward the baccalaureate role.

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