Media, Postmodernism and Identity

Topic 2. Media, Postmodernism and Identity

In our reading on “Postmodern Culture,” Strinati outlines 5 Elements of the Postmodern Era. He claims that in our Postmodern Media Culture: 1. There is no distinction between culture and society.

2. There is an emphasis on style more than substance. 3. There is no longer a distinction between high culture (art) and low/popular culture. 4. Time and space are treated as “fluid” or uncertain concepts. 5. The “metanarratives” or over-arching stories of a society (religions, myths, ethical systems) are in decline. Do you think we live in a Postmodern Media Culture? As examples of this culture, the textbook lists these media: “music videos, remote controls, Nike ads, shopping malls, fax machines, e-mail, video games, blogs, USA Today, YouTube, iPads, hip-hop, and reality TV.” Select a Medium (for example, TV or Cinema) and a Media Text (for example, a Show like “Game of Thrones” or a movie like The Great Gatsby). Outline in your paper how your example illustrates 3 of the Elements of Postmodernism listed above. (For example, “Game of Thrones” confuses time since it appears historical due to the castles, costumes, medieval customs, etc. but is pure fantasy. The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio examines style and “appearances” over substance and reality. Select a Medium and Media Text from the Postmodern Era (1950s-present). 

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