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The purpose of this assignment is to identify and share examples of collaboration in the health care community demonstrating how they are working to solve difficult problems.

In groups of 3, you will select an article or project that demonstrates collaboration in health care. It can be within an organization (e.g. interprofessional collaboration) or between two or more organizations. 

You must identify the organization(s) that are collaborating and the difficult problem they have come together to solve. 

You are required to submit your topic to the assignment dropbox for your professor’s approval a minimum of 2 weeks  before your presentation date. Groups with presentations on Week 11 will submit 1 week prior.

You must submit only one project topic at a time to the assignment dropbox for the professor for review. In your submission, you must identify the organization(s) that are collaborating, the problem they are trying to solve and cc your group.

You will present your collaborative project to the class.

All students must equally participate in the presentation

Questions to Be Answered During the Presentation:

What is the problem that the collaborative project is trying to solve?

What is the collaboration?  Describe the project or program. 

How is it an example of collaboration (versus cooperation or co-creation)?

What is the shared common goal for both organizations?

Who were the stakeholders in the collaborations and what strengths did each bring to the project?

Were the right stakeholders involved in this collaboration? Were any missing?

Reflect on the impact of this collaboration on today’s Canadian health care system- what was the effect of the collaboration? Think about performance management here – did it add/improve quality, effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, or add value to the health care system? If the article/initiative was conducted in another country- how could it be applied to the Canadian health care system?

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The purpose of this assignment is to identify and discuss an example of collaboration in the health care community. Students are required to select an article or project that demonstrates collaboration within or between organizations in the healthcare sector. The assignment aims to explore the problem being addressed, the nature of the collaboration, the common goals of the organizations involved, the stakeholders, and the impact of the collaboration on the Canadian healthcare system.

Answer to the Content:
The content of the article must be analyzed to answer the questions provided in the assignment. The article should focus on a specific collaboration in the healthcare community, highlighting the problem being addressed, the collaborative efforts, and the shared goals of the organizations involved. The stakeholders should be identified, and their strengths in contributing to the project should be discussed. Reflecting on the impact of the collaboration on the Canadian healthcare system is also essential, considering aspects such as quality, effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and value added to the healthcare system.

The answer to the content should provide a comprehensive analysis of the selected article or project, addressing each question separately. It should demonstrate critical thinking, a thorough understanding of the collaboration, and insightful reflections on the impact of the collaboration on the Canadian healthcare system. The answer should be well-organized, supported by evidence from the article, and presented in a clear and concise manner. Proper citation and referencing should be used to acknowledge the source of the information.

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