MHA FPX 5020 CU Enhancing Telemedicine Adoption Capstone Nursing Assignment Help

  • Write a data review project report and record a client presentation. There are no page or slide limits for this assessment.Introduction
    Note: Each assessment of your capstone project is built on the work you have completed in previous assessments. Therefore, you must complete the assessments in this course in the order in which they are presented.Health care leaders are responsible for identifying relevant problems, analyzing data, drawing sound conclusions, and making recommendations for resolution of the problem in the workplace. The data review project that you will be completing in this assessment has provided you with the opportunity to practice the skills of a health care leader in a professional, real-world setting.In this assessment, you will write your final report and develop a presentation suitable for executive leaders.Overview and Preparation
    In this assessment you will submit your project report and presentation, which are based on the work you have completed in the previous assessments.This assessment is in two parts:

    • Part 1: Project Report.  
      • This report should be succinct, substantive, and written for a hypothetical executive leadership team. It is not a lengthy academic paper.
    • Part 2: Project Report Presentation.
      • This recorded presentation is an overview of the project, also intended for an executive leadership team.
    • Presentation Tools
      You may use Kaltura or another technology of your choice for your audio recording. Refer to the Using Kaltura tutorial for directions on recording and uploading your video in the courseroom.Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in this activity, please contact to request accommodations.Templates
      Download the following templates to use to complete this assessment:
    • Assessment 4 Final Project Report Template [DOCX].
    • Assessment 4 Presentation Template [PPTX].
    • Requirements
      Part 1: Project Report
      Develop your data review project report. Use the Assessment 4 Final Project Report Template [DOCX]. Authoritative sources should be integrated into the Evidence-Based Recommendations and Conclusion sections of the report.Provide a minimum of two graphics (for example, pie chart, graph, spreadsheet, or process map), two evidence-based recommendations from the literature, and one new insight. Place these additions in your document under the headings Analysis of the Data, Evidence-Based Recommendations, and Conclusion, respectively.The requirements outlined below correspond to the first four grading criteria in the scoring guide. Be sure that your project report addresses each point, at a minimum. You may also want to read the assessment scoring guide to better understand how each criterion will be assessed.
    • Analyze performance data and trends. 
      • Present your graphics, along with a concise analysis.
      • Describe the significant findings, trends, and any new insights evident from the graphics.
      • Determine whether there are any limitations to your findings, obstacles to collection or interpretation of data, or potential for bias.
      • Ensure your data is valid and reliable.
    • Provide evidence-based recommendations. 
      • Identify a short list of interventions to solve the problem, supported by current (published within the past 3–5 years) authoritative literature.
      • Consider adding additional best practice sources to your initial review of the current literature.
      • Consider how legal, regulatory, ethical, patient safety, and organizational factors are related to the problem.
      • Make realistic recommendations that are within the organization’s capability. They should not be based upon uncertain funding sources such as government grants, which might be discontinued.
      • Make your recommendations sufficiently compelling to convince the target audience to implement them.
    • Provide a conclusion for problem resolution and organizational transformation. 
      • Summarize the problem and method used for analysis.
      • Explain the key findings and their relevance to the problem.
      • Explain how your recommendations have the potential to transform the organization (for example, enhancing patient safety, containing costs, launching a new service line, et cetera.)
    • Combine clear, coherent, and original writing, in APA style, with relevant and credible evidence from the scholarly and professional literature. 
      • Apply correct APA formatting to your source citations.
      • Consider how or why a particular piece of evidence supports your main points, claims, or conclusions.
      • Make sure your supporting evidence is clear and explicit.
      Provide a concise overview of your project in a recorded slide presentation. Use the Assessment 4 Presentation Template [PPTX].The requirements outlined below correspond to the fifth grading criterion in the scoring guide. Be sure your presentation addresses each point, at a minimum. You may also want to read the assessment scoring guide to better understand how the following criterion will be assessed.
    • Present a concise, substantive project overview to decision makers. 

Expert Solution Preview

In this assessment, you will be required to write a data review project report and create a client presentation. The purpose of these assessments is to evaluate your skills as a healthcare leader in analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and making recommendations for problem resolution.

For the project report, you will need to develop a succinct and substantive report that is suitable for an executive leadership team. The report should include a concise analysis of performance data and trends, describing significant findings, trends, and any new insights. You should also consider any limitations to your findings, obstacles to data collection or interpretation, and potential for bias. In addition, you need to provide evidence-based recommendations supported by authoritative literature to solve the identified problem. These recommendations should consider legal, regulatory, ethical, patient safety, and organizational factors. Finally, you must provide a conclusion that summarizes the problem, method used for analysis, key findings, and how your recommendations have the potential to transform the organization.

To complete the presentation, you will need to create a concise and substantive overview of your project. This should be recorded as a slide presentation and should effectively communicate the key points to decision-makers.

Remember to use clear, coherent, and original writing in the report, following APA style guidelines. Incorporate relevant and credible evidence from scholarly and professional literature and properly cite your sources. The presentation should also be clear and concise, effectively conveying the main points of your project to decision-makers.

Overall, these assessments will assess your ability to analyze data, develop evidence-based recommendations, and effectively communicate your findings and recommendations to executive leaders. Good luck with your project!

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