Psychological Counseling & Psychotherapy Quiz 3

Discipline: Psychology

Type of Paper: Question-Answer

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

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    Psychological Counseling & Psychotherapy Quiz 3

In Gestalt theory, actualization is   A. seen as an important human goal.

The term “Gestalt” refers to   B. wholeness

People’s need of homeostasis leads them to view themselves and their world in terms of   D. polarities

Tamar is intently reading a book and is oblivious to the radio playing. Identify the figure and ground in this example   C. The book is the figure and the radio is the ground

In Gestalt therapy, identification and alienation are related to shifting    C. Ego boundaries 

One of the main causes of people’s lack of full awareness is   B. Preoccupation

According to Perls, living in the here-and-now leads to   A. fuller awareness

According to Perls, people with “growth disorders” are overwhelmed by   B. Unfinished business

The Gestalt therapists’ views of the therapeutic alliance are most like those of the   D. Existential therapists

Which of the following is the least likely question that a Gestalt therapist might ask of a client who is making a fist with his hand?   C. “Why are you making a fist?”

Gestalt therapists typically prefer statements to questions primarily because statements   A. keep the focus on the client

In Gestalt therapy, work with dreams is   B. designed to promote integration

Which of the following disorders seems least likely to benefit from Gestalt therapy?   B. Schizophernia

Gestalt therapy focuses on   B. emotions and thoughts

Which of the following is not true of transactional analysis ego states?   C. Ego states evolve throughout life

According to Berne, difficulties in communication and relationships are most likely due to   D. an imbalance among the ego states

Categorize the following transaction:

        Person A:  I really have a lot of work to do today.

        Person B:  You shouldn’t have let it all go until the last minute
B. Crossed

Categorize the following transaction:

        Person A:  I won’t have time to cook tonight. Would you like to eat out?

         Person B:  That would be fine. Where should I meet you?
A. complementary

Categorize the following transaction:

        Person A: (Overt message): You are going to work late this evening? I guess I’ll just cancel my plans since I won’t be able to get a sitter at this hour.

        Person A (Covert message): I want you to know that you are ruining my evening. You owe me now!     C. Ulterior

Gestalt therapy incorporates Buddhist thought in all but one of the following   A. Transactional Analysis

Which of the following statements is not true according to narrative therapy?    D. Personal realities are absolute

Narrative therapists believe that stories supporting the dominant theme    C. are the ones most easily accessed

“Landscapes of consciousness” refers to    B. values, feelings and beliefs

“Landscapes of action” refers to   A. Behaviors that keep appearing in a person's stories

The purpose of mapping, according to narrative therapy, is to    B. help people understand how their problems are linked to their stories

Which of the following is NOT true about problem-saturated stories (in narrative)?   D. They lack influence of social context

What is co-authoring?

(a)    Expression of a shared responsibility for what occurs in counseling

(b)  Description of the therapeutic relationship in narrative counseling

(c)    A term to describe the I-thou relationship

(d)  Both A and B

→ (e) A, B, and C

The primary purpose of externalizing the problem is to:    A. Help the client recognize that they are separate from the problem

During the deconstruction phase of narrative counseling, the counselor:   B. Helps the client consider unique outcomes

When considering client stories, narrative counselors recognize that:    C. Clients create meaning by linking events together to form stories

The basic message of feminist therapy    C. is applicable to both genders

Clinicians practicing feminist therapy typically are  B. collaborative and encouraging

Which of the following concepts is not typically addressed by feminist therapy?   D. identification with fairy tale heroines

Which best describes the therapeutic relationship according to the Feminist approach?   B. Egalitarian

Which of the following is NOT a primary tenet of Feminist counseling?   D. importance of polarities

The purpose of a power analysis in Feminist counseling is to:   C. Explore how to increase power in a client’s life

Which of the following is an accurate list of techniques used in Feminist counseling?   A. Gender-role analysis, assertiveness training, and self-disclosure

According to RCT, growth occurs through a   A. Focus on connections with others

Which of the following is NOT one of the 5 good things?   C. increased independence

Which best describes mutual empowerment?    A. Feeling the 5 good things because both people in the relationship feel heard and respected

The 3Ms lead to what?   B. Growth fostering relationships

According to RCT, the therapeutic relationship   D. a and b (mutual empathy and authenticity)

Which of the following is correct according to RCT?    no one knows!!! if you know call me :) it has something to do with a metaphor about a vechical and fuel