(SOLVED) What factors may contribute to the cultural competency of the care provided?

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5/9/22,9:45 AM A hospital's emergency department may be the first point of contact that a patient may have with a health system. What factors may contribute to the cultural competency of the care provided? Consider elements such as emotion, the physical presentation of the patient, whether the patient is medically able to participate in their care. What training and other elements can improve the delivery of culturally competent care, even within an emergency situation?

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The term cultural competency is defined as the communication and interaction with the patients to completes their needs and care.It helps the relationship between nurses and patients.


*Always have awarness of the personal values.

*Being dedicated do the values and beliefs.

*Trust and respect shoulf be maintained between the patient and nurses.

*maintaining the sensitivity in nursing

*The main factor is having immense knowledge about the subject.

*The nurses should receive their skilled trainings.

These are the factors that contribute to the cultural competency of the care provided.

It is considered as a set of behaviour and attitudes emotionally, physically that comes together to work as a health care plans.The person receiving should be emotionally and physically stable.If there are receiving and their emotionally feeling down or not interested in it they may not be able to heal. so it is very important for them to emotionally heal. physical factor is another where the patient should be in a condition to give the body to help move around and do some physical exercises and able to atleast be able to move their body a little. These factors should be kept in mind by the nurses who device a cultural plan for the patients.


The nurses should be given continuous training about different aspects and they should be up to date with all the factors. They should have knowledge about all types of nursing care plans. Have an idea about health care policies also sometimes. The communication between the patient and nurse should always be clear and be able to understand each other. The most important factor in this type of nursing is to have skills. They should be well trained with the professionals. These are the things that can be done to improve the nursing care industry.