Public health: Oral health program

Based on current concepts/issue facing Dental Public Health, the student is to select a concept/issue of their choice and design a public health program to meet the oral health needs of an identified population. Address the areas of the multidisciplinary health team, cultural and linguistic competency, advocacy, and workforce models as they pertain to the program focus. Teledentistry and Social Marketing may also be included.

The student will develop and submit an 8-10 page paper using APA format.

Instructions and Format:

Chose a population for which you are interested in designing an oral health program (if you currently work in a public health program that serves a specific population, please choose another population so you will have a maximum learning opportunity). Introduction: Referencing data from credible academic sources provide background information about the underserved population you chose including their particular oral/systemic health concerns, dental care utilization and barriers to care. Goals and objectives: List 1-2 goals of the program with 2-3 measureable (SMART) objectives for each. Relate to National, State, or Local objectives. Provide references as appropriate. Program Design: Design your program addressing the issues discussed throughout the class: multidisciplinary team members, collaborations, cultural competence, workforce models (for purposes of this proposal, it is appropriate to use models that are proposed but not yet approved in the state), advocacy and policy implications. Give justifications. Conclusion: Include a short concluding paragraph about your program.

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