Purpose To discuss our PowerPoint ‘Cultural Emotions Through our Social



To discuss our PowerPoint ‘Cultural Emotions Through our Social Arrangements’ and the 

readings to increase our understanding and knowledge of content related to cultural emotions.


Use the reading and powerpoint to discern how the social arrangements we achieve and are ascribed to trigger our cultural emotions.

Discussion Questions

  • Discuss the main concepts and themes related to the social arrangements of cultural emotions and the reading.  Teaching race and ethnic relations-1.pdfActions
  • Discuss what you understand.
  • How do the social arrangements we participate in (achieve) and are born into (ascribed) trigger our cultural emotions? 
  • Ask questions about what you don’t understand.
  • Discuss how one or more of the social arrangements (class/status, gender/transgender, race and ethnic, sexuality, social movements) relate to your experiences with cultural emotions. Provide an example.

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