Risk Management Plan

Overview and Rationale

In order to demonstrate proficiency with the content in this course and allow you to implement relevant practices a real-world setting, you are asked to apply the various competencies presented in this course to a project of your choosing.

Program and Course Outcomes

The following learning objectives are addressed through these assignments

LO1-Craft an approach for risk management

LO2-Articulate the value and benefits of creating an effective approach to planning for project risk management

LO3-Integrate best practices, tools and techniques to identify project related risks


LO9-Explores issues, ideas, artifacts, and events before accepting or formulating an opinion or conclusion

LO10-Effectively exchanges accurate, appropriate, and relevant information with stakeholders by using suitable methods (mix of text, data, and images)


Essential Components


Risk Management Plan that details your approach to risk.  Building on your Week 1 work and integrating insights from each week of the term, this risk management plan is now representative of what would be delivered at the start of any project.


Cite any sources.  The writing style should be concise and straightforward.  Please use a 12 point font.  


There is no specified format or template for the report.

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