Shell scripting is commonly used to automate changes and install

Shell scripting is commonly used to automate changes and install updates. Write a script to automatically update the Centos Server


Make sure that the script:

  • Updates the entire Linux machine
  • Restarts HTTPD (the web server) if there are updates
  • Extracts the latest zip file containing the software
  • Places it in the correct location
  • We have provided a few external resource links to assist you and as always the instructor is here to help
  • Students should submit a “.sh” file named “”
    • This will be graded according to the supplied rubric

Aligned Objectives

  • Identify and fix the causes of system failures and not the symptom
  • Resolve problems in a systematic manner
  • Design and develop change management guidelines for software patches and deployment
  • Describe the software development life cycle

Assignment due: Friday 


Upload a “.sh” file with the correct first line.

The file includes an update command to update all packages on the server.

The file extracts the file to the correct directory.

The file cleans up any temporary files.

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThe file logs to syslog using logger. For information on the logger command, type man logger in a terminal.

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