SU Health Insurance and The Affordable Care Act Essay Nursing Assignment Help

Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

Suppose you have been tasked with purchasing health insurance for your organization that has fifty full-time employees.

Use the Internet or  databases to research different types of health insurance.

Write apaper in which you:

Suggest one  (1) plan that you would use to purchase health insurance for your  organization. Determine the extent to which employee lifestyle choices  and health economics would factor in to your chosen plan. Provide a  rationale for your response.

Analyze the  implication of the Affordable Care Act on your decision to purchase  insurance. Debate two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of  purchasing health insurance for your employees, as opposed to having  your employees receive governmental insurance.

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When purchasing health insurance for an organization with fifty full-time employees, it is essential to consider various factors such as employee lifestyle choices, health economics, and the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In this response, I will suggest a plan for purchasing health insurance and discuss how employee lifestyle choices and health economics would factor into this decision. Additionally, I will analyze the implications of the ACA and debate the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing health insurance for employees compared to governmental insurance.


For purchasing health insurance for the organization, I would suggest considering a comprehensive group health insurance plan. This type of plan offers a range of coverage options that can cater to the diverse healthcare needs of the organization’s employees. Group health insurance plans often provide benefits including preventive care, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and specialist visits. By choosing a comprehensive plan, the organization can address a wide range of potential health concerns for its employees, fostering a healthy workforce.

When considering employee lifestyle choices and health economics in choosing a health insurance plan, it is important to balance the benefits and costs. By offering incentives for healthy lifestyle choices, such as gym memberships or wellness programs, the chosen plan can encourage employees to adopt healthier habits, potentially reducing healthcare costs in the long run. Similarly, choosing a plan with reasonable deductibles and co-pays can help employees manage their healthcare expenses while ensuring they receive necessary medical care effectively.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has significant implications for the decision to purchase health insurance for the organization. One advantage of purchasing health insurance for employees is compliance with the ACA’s employer mandate, which requires employers with fifty or more full-time employees to offer health insurance coverage. By providing health insurance, the organization can avoid penalties and legal issues.

Another advantage is the ability to offer a greater choice of healthcare providers to employees. Governmental insurance options may have limitations in terms of the network of providers, and by purchasing health insurance, the organization can provide access to a broader range of healthcare professionals and facilities.

However, there are also disadvantages to purchasing health insurance for employees compared to governmental insurance. One disadvantage is the potential cost burden on the organization. Health insurance premiums can be substantial, especially for comprehensive plans, and this expense may strain the organization’s budget.

Additionally, the administrative responsibilities associated with managing health insurance plans, such as enrollment, claims processing, and coordinating with insurance providers, can be time-consuming and complex. This may require the organization to allocate resources to ensure proper management of the insurance plans, potentially affecting other operational areas.

In conclusion, when purchasing health insurance for an organization with fifty full-time employees, considering a comprehensive group health insurance plan can be beneficial. By incorporating incentives for healthy lifestyle choices and balancing the benefits and costs, the chosen plan can effectively address the healthcare needs of the employees. While the ACA mandates the provision of health insurance, it also presents advantages such as compliance and increased provider choice, along with disadvantages including cost implications and administrative responsibilities. Careful evaluation of these factors is crucial in making an informed decision about health insurance for employees.

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