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Write a well organized and well-supported essay in which you respond to the following.

1. Share your public speaking experiences over the years from childhood to the present day. Consider your experiences in front of an audience. This may include presentations, speeches, performance, theater, teaching, etc… is speaking in public a talent of yours or is it outside of your comfort zone? Consider why you feel the way you do. What do you like or dislike about your voice, your delivery, your mannerisms, and non-verbal communication?

2. Address also your role as an audience and listener. What sort of public speaking presentations, life performance, etc, do you enjoy or not enjoy?

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Public speaking is a skill that plays a critical role in a medical professor’s responsibilities, including designing and conducting lectures, evaluating student performance, and providing feedback. This essay will delve into my personal experiences with public speaking, discussing how these experiences have evolved from childhood to the present day. Additionally, the essay will explore my preferences as an audience and listener, highlighting the type of public speaking presentations or performances that I enjoy or dislike.

1. My public speaking experiences over the years have been diverse and have shaped my perspective on this skill. As a child, I had several opportunities to engage in public speaking, ranging from school presentations to recitals and theater performances. Initially, speaking in front of an audience was outside of my comfort zone. I was plagued by nerves, fearing judgement and scrutiny from others. However, with time and practice, I began to develop confidence and enhance my public speaking abilities.

As a medical professor, speaking in public has become an integral part of my professional life. Through teaching, delivering lectures, and conducting presentations, I have honed my public speaking skills. While it is not necessarily a natural talent of mine, I have worked diligently to improve my voice, delivery, and non-verbal communication. Engaging the audience and effectively conveying complex medical information has become a priority, and I continue to refine my skills in these areas.

In terms of my voice, I have come to appreciate its clarity and ability to convey emotions. I aim to speak with authority and conviction, ensuring that students comprehend and retain the information being shared. However, I am conscious of not sounding monotonous and strive to inject enthusiasm and passion into my delivery.

Regarding my mannerisms and non-verbal communication, I am mindful of maintaining a professional demeanor and projecting confidence. I make a conscious effort to avoid distracting behaviors such as excessive hand gestures or repetitive movements. Developing a strong stage presence has been essential in keeping students engaged and attentive during lectures.

2. As an audience and listener, I thoroughly enjoy public speaking presentations that are engaging, informative, and well-structured. I appreciate speakers who possess excellent communication skills, capturing and maintaining my attention throughout their presentations. Furthermore, I value speakers who effectively utilize visual aids and interactive elements to enhance the learning experience.

Conversely, presentations that are disorganized, lack clarity, or fail to engage the audience tend to lose my interest. I find it challenging to connect with speakers who have poor articulation or lack enthusiasm. Additionally, an over-reliance on jargon or excessive technicalities can hinder my comprehension and overall enjoyment of the presentation.

In conclusion, my experiences with public speaking have evolved from apprehension and discomfort to a level of confidence and proficiency. As a medical professor, I continue to refine my skills in order to effectively communicate complex medical concepts to students. As an audience and listener, I appreciate well-structured and engaging presentations that effectively convey information and keep me captivated. Public speaking may not be an inherent talent, but with dedication and practice, it is a skill that can be nurtured and developed.

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