Understanding Education

Description *We’ve seen in the texts of this course a variety of ways for an author to approach the topic of education. In this paper, you will examine and assess the definitions of education that at least two of our authors have articulated in their writings. The questions, areas of focus to address are as follows: Considering the different takes on education that we have explored, what is your own unique definition of education? And why is it valuable to have a clear definition of education? Given that the purpose of this first essay is to articulate a clear definition that is meaningful to you, and to enter the conversation around education that currently exists; you will then explore how your definition of education is in conversation with at least two of the author’s we have examined in the first unit of this class. *Finally, in order to accomplish this essay and make it relevant for your lives you may want to consider how a definition of education can affect a person’s college experience or career path. Please note that no singular author makes explicit all of the requirements that you will be responsible for ascertaining in your writing and thus you will rely on logical inference, our class discussions, and your own understanding to fill in the blanks. *Audience: the readers of your argument will be people who hold familiar ideas about how education can be beneficial to a person’s progress in life, but will also hold to standard about the idea that a person is ultimately responsible for their own education. *Format: Papers should be 2 ½ – 4 full pages. Use 12-point Times New Roman font and double space the entire paper. Margins should be one inch at the top, bottom and both sides. Your name, the date, the class, and my name (“Professor Torres”) at the top left corner. A successful paper will have the following: An obvious attempt to address the assignment; Your own definition of the word (or process) that is education; A sentence that indicates a clear thesis which responds to the question; An organization that is logical and easy to follow, making serious use of the “they say, I say” design; A clear and accurate characterization of at least two author’s arguments as well as their stated or implied definition of education; A reasonably well-developed discussion; Paragraphs with organizations that are logical and easy to follow (including topic and concluding sentences and transitions that indicate logical relations between your ideas); Sentences that are grammatically complete, logical, and easy to follow; and A minimum number of surface feature errors – correct use of periods and question marks, correct spelling, absence of typographical errors, etc., including no use of any form of the pronoun “you.” **For the articles of the readings you can refer to these websites: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-secret-to-raising-smart-kids1/ and https://www.apa.org/pi/ses/resources/indicator/2013/05/urban-schools.aspx

#Understanding #Education

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