Visit one of the following types of operations and analyse it as an

For this assignment you should visit one of the following types of operations and analyse it as an operation. NOTE that this is not an exercise in marketing or management of people.

The operation need not be based in Qatar, but it must be an operation that you can visit during the preparation of the assignment. It is important that you base your report on your observation of a real operation as this will increase your understanding of issues that you are asked to address. Your report should include an analysis of: The Volume, Variety, Variation and Visibility (4 Vs) characteristics of the operation;

The type of process, its layout, and how it uses process technologies; The relative importance of each of the 5 performance objectives to the operation and how layout and process technology contribute to achieving those objectives; Either: any changes you would recommend to improve the operation; or why the things you have observed are entirely appropriate for that operation. When describing the 4 Vs, make sure you get the characteristics right. For example, variety is about variety of processes and visibility is about the extent to which customers can customise the product or service. You should indicate how the operation differs from other operations providing similar goods or services. When discussing the 5 performance objectives, you should discuss which are most important to the operation. You may want to think about order winners and qualifiers. Remember that you should consider the analysis from the operations management perspective. When visiting the operation, you should ensure that you in no way interfere with the operation, its customers, its employees or its management. You may visit the operation in groups, but each member of the group must produce an independent report. Be aware that we will use Turnitin to check for similarities between assignments. Your report should start with a single paragraph summary, highlighting the main findings of your assignment. (Think of this as the paragraph in which you sell your ideas to the CEO—or in this c1ase, grab the attention of those grading the assignment.)

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