What is balance? Explain balance with examples in architecture and


  • What is balance?
  • Explain balance with examples in architecture and interior design.
  • Draw the different types of balance using shapes, in your journal.
  • Expand on  your own critical thought of balance and decide which type of balance are you more inclined to be attracted to?


you will begin to write thoughts, opinions, reasoning, understanding and verified research on the following topics. Your writings should be free-flowing but insightful as you explore these topics. You may use collage and hand drawings in your journal to better relate your thoughts about the topics. Be creative but, be mindful of refinement and restraint with your journal. It is a repository of your thoughts but it is also considered a design project.

If you are writing FOUR sentences on each topic you have already completed the assignment incorrectly!



While doing this  assignment, remember:

  • Dig deeper on  research.
  • Bring your own critical thoughts and findings.
  • Explore and be mindful about your journal layout.
  • Label and explain your thoughts on each image.
  • Follow assignment instructions.

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