Why Study Food & Alcohol?

Why study food and alcohol? On the first dayof classwe said it’s important for two reasons. First: food is the most serious subject. Without food, we die, and every single human society has always had to figure out –before anything else –how they will procure or produce adequate food. But, second: food and alcohol are also about much more than calories and physical survival.

They are deeply cultural and deeply personal, and every single person on earth thinks aboutfood every single day –and they have for as long as humans have existed. As a result, people’s very different ideasand rulesabout food and alcohol tell us an enormous amount about their views on everything else, from moralityto religion to gender to social class to pleasure to economics to their place in the world. In this paper, you will use evidence from the lectures and assigned readings so far in the semester to answer the most basic question of the course: Why study food and alcohol? You mustuse evidence from at least three different readings (or audio assignments) and from at least three different lectures. You should not use evidence from outside of class materials. Make sure to cite all material in parentheses at the end of your sentences, like (Lecture, Jan. 8)or (Rogers, p. 90)or (Fresh Air interview).You don’t have to provide a works cited page since all material will come from class.Length:1000-1500 words (or about 4-6 pages, double spaced)

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