Write an APA formatted paper with a minimum of four

Write an APA formatted paper with a minimum of four (4) pages and answer the following: You must have cite eight (8) peer-reviewed publications.

  • Calculate the most recent GDP per capita of Malaysia and find out at what level of GDP per capita Malaysia is standing compared with the rest of the world. Calculate the average per capita GDP of Malaysia for the years 1960–2018 and compare it with other countries.
  • Explain in detail the distinguishing features of developing and underdeveloped countries regarding: Government control over employment, production, financial markets, and nationalized industries. Political, judicial, and educational institutions. The pattern of production, import-substitution, export-oriented, or single commodity. 
  • Considering those features give a detailed quantitative analysis of reasons that define Malaysia as developing or underdeveloped. It should include the historical data at least for five years regarding: The growth of GDP, The pattern of production between manufactured goods, services, and primary products, The ratio of export revenue to GDP, the degree of dependency, The inflation rate, The currency variation, The trade, and current account balance
  • Explain the view that influential economists argued that developing countries would suffer continually declining terms of trade unless they used commercial policy to move resources out of primary exports and into import substitutes.
  • Analyze the data for funding that Malaysia receives from foreign sources, grants, debt, or equity and how productive is the use of this funding.
  • Explain the existing opportunities of outsourcing, offshoring, and foreign direct investment (FDI) in Malaysia
  • What are the obstacles to FDI in Malaysia, legal, political, inflation, or currency risk? 
  • what is the prospect of your country’s GDP per capita catching up with the advanced industrialized countries? Please explain

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